Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Well, she made it to Wheels Day...

...which was something, but quite when I'll next get to drive her is a mystery.

There has been some progress though, allow me to list it...

*the stereo has been fitted, including speakers. The fact I have no speaker wire is a slight niggle, but I'll buy some of that.

*the clutch slave cylinder has packed up, this makes changing gear 'crunchy' to say the least. Nothing like the sound of old spinning metal twatting other old spinning metal.

*it's gotten very rusty, she looks quite rough. Still, patina is cool, right?

*I thought about washing it. Sadly, thinking about it was the extent of my car-washing activities.

Have some pics, more non-updates soon...

Hmmm, quite...

Sunday, 27 March 2011

I'm rubbish, I know.

Proper update soon though, I promise. I might even but some new wheels on it.

Or of course, I might not.


Thursday, 20 January 2011

A not very exciting update..

Sorry folks, this blog seems to have ground to a bit of a halt. I blame the weather, and the fact the car is in Bristol while I am in Kent (it's at my mum's house, I've not left it as ASDA or anything).

You will be pleased to hear that she's still running strong though, having been taken for a proper run out last weekend to Area: 52 where she was adored by all.

As I type though she's back at mother's house sitting in the garden. At the moment I'm having some serious thoughts about getting her in a lock up (the car, not my mum) and stripping her down. To keep her on the road for another year would be unfair and not only that, it would just mean more work when I do finally start a proper restoration. As such the hunt is on for a lock up so I can get cracking, and so you lot can cringe as I pull her apart to expose her rusty bits (again, the car).