Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Well as far as I can tell I should be all booked in for Monday. Well, the Z should be.

But for what, I hear you cry? In a nutshell, new pipes, new and shiny stainless steel pipes and a shiny stainless manifold too. Gone will be the awful, restrictive 'hockey stick' manifold instead being replaced by a free-flowing 6-3-1 manifold.

The silly Cherry Bomb will be going in the bin too. If you love it, I'm sorry, it just has to go. I have to drive that car all the time and let me tell you, that Cherry Bomb is annoying as shit! I will specify that the new system has a bit of bark though, I don't want it to sound standard!

The people charged with the task are...

You can find them at if you fancy a look. It'll be well worth it, they're a fairly new setup and they're already forging a name for themselves in the classic market. They'll be making my exhaust with this...

...which is a Ben Pearson pipe bending machine. It looks something that would facilitate the demise of a Bond villain if you ask me. They assure me it's for bending pipe. I remain dubious.

Anyway, I'm waffling now. Basically, the Z should soon be breathing easy and with less of an offensive rumble. Win.

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