Monday, 6 September 2010

We're on the road again....

Yay, the Z works and stuff. It actually moves under its own steam without feeling the urge to fruitlessly spin the flywheel on the worn out clutch. It's bliss as it means I can actually drive it like a normal car now.

Here is a picture of what was left of the clutch... you can see, it was worn out.

Driving it now is a joy, although there is some harsh juddering from time to time which I'm putting down to the rough flywheel meeting the new clutch. It'll soon stop though, once the clutch has bedded in.

It's good to be able to drive it though, all I need to do now is get it back to Kent so I can get cracking with some proper mods like wheels, exhaust and suspension. For now though it's hiding in my mums garden. A bit like a large flower-pot, or something...

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